Balmain X H&M

Due to launch in stores and online worldwide on 5th November 2015, the collaborative collection is already eagerly awaited.

The excitment arises due to Balmain being infamous for high end couture designs that are directed towards a specific customer audience. When bringing this to the mass market, everything changes. This allows everyone to have instant access to a luxury branded garment, at a H&M price point (well, there abouts). As with H&M’s previous collaborations with the likes of Karl Largerfield and Alexander Wang, these pieces of affordable luxury have continually been a huge success.

The one risk of a collaboration like this is the possibility that Balmain as a brand would lose its exclusivity and couture detailing when attempting to apply this to high street concepts. On the other hand you could also say it may attract new fans and followers to the already well established ‘Balmain Army’. Rousteing has already made a huge impact on Instagram and has a huge fan base, clevery communicating to the social media audience. He believes this is a unique opportunity to introduce not only his fans, but a wider audience to the world of Balmain.

With Women’s and Men’s collections due to be releasesd, there will no doubt be queues outside shops and a scramble to the pieces when they finally arrive in stores. Until then, the speculation of what’s to come will be the question everyone is asking.