Beauty review: St Tropez gradual tan in shower lotion

wpid-fullsizerender.jpgAfter never being a fan of streaky self tan and all the hype of this new product from the tanning Gods St Tropez, I had to try this must have summer product.

My first thought was that you may not be able to see exactly where the tan has been applied, as it develops gradually unlike most other tanning products. However, on application the slight lather that appears is an easy and simple guide to follow.

On my first week I applied the tan three times over seven days. Sticking to the instructions I left it on for three minutes and then washed off as you would any other shower gel. Warning: this will feel like forever when you are just standing in the shower trying not to move. I avoided the face area and instead only applied up to my neck so there was no tan build up or disaster patchiness.

The results: I didn’t feel as though the tan was as dramatic as advertised. I did see some results, a gradual glow began to appear which was even and without blotches or patches. My initial thoughts were that it would be perfect for a quick fix for a summer weekend. I initially wasn’t thrilled nor did I believe it was a staple summer item.

After a couple of weeks I decided to try again. By now it was in every magazine and on every celebrity, it surely must work.

This time I experimented with leaving the tan on for ten minutes. Yes a big risk which could have so easily gone wrong but I really wanted this to work. The day after I saw dramatic results with a deeper glow but no fake tan orangness in sight, it actually looked natural and there was no generic fake tan smell in sight. Day two I continued the ten minute tanning which depended the tan further and I didn’t feel as though there was any need to reapply for a third time. After a week now I’m still getting comments that I look browner and people didn’t instantly assume I’ve been dunked in fake tan.

The Verdict: Give it a chance and trust your instincts by leaving it on for a few minutes longer. I wouldn’t advise longer than ten minutes and cannot be hold responsible for any mishaps! Overall I’d say this is a really good product that is easy to apply, simple to use and worth every penny. The bottle is big enough for numerous uses without feeling like your washing away your hard earned cash. Oh and I got it on three for two at Boots so that’s even more the reason to try it!
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