A week in Brussels

Our long awaited trip to Brussels was incredible. There were so many highlights and favourite sights that I previously had not known about. There is far to much to write down so below are a few of my best bits.

Where to go:

  1. Grand place: This is the centre of Brussels, towering buildings draped in gold and intricate details overlooked the square in which orchestras played and tourists gathered. It was overwhelmingly beautiful. There are a number of cafés dotted around grand place which is perfect for people watching!
  2. St Michaels Cathedral: There are many churches in Brussels but this was by far the greatest. With its own museum and underground history, stained glass windows and tonnes of detail, this was one of my favourite sights. It was truly amazing and a must see!
  3. European Union building: My partner’s favourite. Slightly out of the centre but worth seeing it in the flesh, and if your a fan of all things EU, you will be in your element.
  4. Palais Royal: Luckily we arrived at the perfect time to welcome back the Royals to the Palace with an elaborate horse guard parade. The Palace and gardens were huge with plenty of fountains and flowers.
  5. Manneken pis and Jeanneke pis: The small but extremely popular Manneken Pis, this little boy weeing fountain attracts tourists worldwide. Worth a look even if it is for a selfie! And the not so well known Jeanneke Pis, the little girl who is also having a wee in the fountain, located behind Delerium bar, a hidden treasure.

image image image

Where to eat and drink:

  1. The lobster house: Just off the road from Grand Place lies a street of restaurants with plenty of choice. Don’t be put off by the greeters who are pushy to say the least, with their menu boards and free drink deals, take your time and see what you like. On our first night we went to the lobster house and fine dined with mussels, lobster and seafood paella which were all delicious. Slightly high priced due to location but the service and open fire was well worth it!
  2. Friterie du cafe Georgette: The best chip shop in town. However this is not only a chip shop, Belgium love their fries and they are fried twice for taste, absolutely beautiful!
  3. Elizabeth chocolate shop: Great for souvenirs. They are a chain that run across Belgium and have beautiful displays and lots of choice and most importantly, lots of chocolate.
  4. Waffles: They are everywhere , even in ice cream style vans. You must try one, whether it’s smothered in chocolate or covered in fruit! There simply delicious.
  5. Delirium: Apparently the most popular bar in Brussels, located next to Jeannekie Pis, the decor is amazing. Beer mats and signs are everywhere and it offers lots and lots of beer. There’s always an extensive cocktail list of you aren’t a beer fan.

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What to do:

  1. Planet Chocolat: Much more than we first imagined, this demonstration taught us all about cocoa bean processes and included live demonstrations of truffle making. Sampling hot chocolate and different chocolates it was well worth a visit. The multilingual host made it entertaining and engaging, definitely make time for this on a rainy day.
  2. Atomium and Mini Europe: Cheesy and cheerful, for all tourists. Atomium is an attraction that displays an atom that has been enlarged 165 billion times. There is a viewpoint at the top over Brussels and museums in the atom pods. Mini Europe was great, it’s exactly what it says on the tin, walking around from city to city and pressing buttons to play sounds and make things move, worth treating yourself to an afternoon of walking and a chance to feel like a child again.
  3. Walk along Place Louise: Located a few minutes walk away from our hotel, in Louize there is a long street full of high end shops. Karl Lagerfeld, Chanel and Dior to name a few were amongst many more so if your looking to spend your cash on designer gear here is your heaven. Oh and there is a Hagen Daaz shop in the middle which is a great pit stop!

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Overall the trip, like any other city break was full of walking and sightseeing so take some comfortable shoes and a raincoat for unexpected showers. We had such an amazing trip and would definitely return!

Now to to book our next city break, any ideas?