December must haves

This winter, make sure you are knitted out with three of the best trends this winter: 
1. Ankle boots. Each season we see clothing trends mirrored in shoe trends. This season is all about embroidery, velvet and patent. Embroidery is for the more daring, making any outfit instantly a statement look. I already bought mine from Asos back in August, but they are only getting bigger and better and more embroidered! Velvet is a more subtle way to jazz up your ankle boots, making them look extremely luxurious and plush. Or go one step further and combine print and velvet, why not!? Last but not least is the patent boot, which has been around for years but has been reinvented using bright colours and tonal prints, what’s not to love?

Here are a few of my favourites:

2. Staple skirts. Embroidery and velvet also feature in skirts, with the addition of pleats and tulle midi’s. Dress them up or down, add flat shoes or heels, these skirts can take you anywhere. My favourite is the pleated midi skirts, team these with a chunky roll neck during the day and transform to a plain Bardot top for the evening. 

3. Winter knitwear. No one wants to look like they are wearing thousands of layers during the winter, regardless of how cold it is. Make sure this winter you combine the latest trends with comfortable cables. These knit picks will be sure to do both st the same time, double tick. 


Having their moment… Zara christmas

Zara is always my fave, what’s not to love about on trend picks amongst beautifully made garments, adding a bit of luxury to a bargain hunters shopping bag. 

Zara always seems to get it bang on, using ruffles, embroidery and lace in their garments teamed with metallics and unusual textures. 

Here are my top seven from this weeks collection (one for every day of the week):

Micro trend – Cacti

If you haven’t already come across an oddly placed cactus recently, whether they are on cushions or candles where have you been? They are everywhere. Bringing a hint of the hot desert to cold mornings and Christmas carols, cacti are the new micro trend to hit the high streets. My favourites come in the form of cute trinket boxes and novelty shaped candles (I already have my stash ordered from eBay). However if you are more of a trend seeker, try and grab Asos’s best selling pj set or Charlotte Olympia’s canvas pumps. If you aren’t fond of the real deal, these sweet alternatives are perfect and not a prick in sight!

2016 is loving lace

Self Portrait were first off the mark with their lace cut out designs and sheer silhouettes, oozing glamour and detail. Now all the high street shops have followed suit, consisting of a variety of colours and shapes to suit all sizes. The perfect dress for a summer wedding or a day at the races, the detail on the dresses is breathtaking! Can’t wait to get my hands on one or two!  

1. Self portrait, £290. 2. Self Portrait, £215. 3. Zara, £70. 4. Phase Eight, £150. 5. Topshop, £100. 6. River Island, £110. 7. Warehouse, £99. 8. For Love and lemons, £275. 9. Mango, £56. 10. Warehouse, £67. 11. Rebecca Taylor, £720.

Which is your favourite?

Beauty review: Liz Earle

For a long time I have heard many people tell me how amazing the Liz Earle cleanse and polish kit is. Consisting of a cleanser and Muslin cloth, the two are said to leave your face feeling extremely smooth and have radiant feeling skin. I have to say I am really bad when it comes to treating my face. My makeup routine only consists of a face wipe which may sound like blasphemy to some of you. I suffer with dry and sensitive skin and have tried cleansers before but they only seem to make my skin worse, so I have always returned to my trusty face wipes. After one of my friends reminded me again how amazing this product was I thought I would try it for myself. Initially I bought the cleanse and polish kit 100ml with two muslin cloths for £15.50 directly from the Liz Earle website. 

Cleanse and polish hot cloth cleanser:

Goodbye face wipes, hello new skin! I saw results after just one week. Using the kit twice a day made my skin feel really soft and fresh. It removes all your makeup effortlessly and doesn’t feel too harsh on your face. The cleanser itself is creamy and smooth. Applied in circular motions, you can massage your face for a few minutes or alternatively quickly apply if you are in a rush. The muslin cloth is equally soft but gently exfoliates your skin as you remove the cleanser. I couldn’t believe how simple it was and there were no streaky black marks left from my mascara. The directions on the bottle say one or two pumps of the cleanser but I only use one, otherwise there is too much excess that I don’t need to use. 


In my opinion the cleanse and polish kit has left my skin feeling smooth, soft and has removed red blotches that often appeared on my face.

I was hooked!

Due a well timed promo I luckily came across a deal consisting of 200ml cleanse and polish kit with 2 muslin cloths, 200ml instant boost skin tonic, 50ml skin repair moisturiser and 10ml super skin concentrate for night. All products separately would have amounted to over £85, however the deal was only £45. I love a bargain. Another little perk of Liz Earle is that you get a freebee if you spend over a certain amount of money, plus free delivery. 

Oh did I mention how cute the packaging is, little touches really do mean a lot. 

 Instant boost skin tonic: 

Simply apply to your face and neck after you have used the cleanse and polish. This refreshes the face and leaves you feeling extra moisturised. I always use this after the cleanse and polish! A must have!

Skin repair moisturiser:


I use this sparingly as I didn’t want my face to feel greasy after application. After using it for a month it looks hardly used so it is brilliant value for money. It completes the routine and is the best moisturiser I have ever used. 

Overall I can safely say I will not be looking back and my face wipes are well and truly history! A little treat for your skin really will go a long way so if you haven’t already tried it, become one of the stats and agree that this product is perfect! 

What’s your beauty tips? 

Elegant Magazine editorial

We made the cover!

Elegant Magazine invites new designers and collaborations to show and express their work. Yet again seeing my collection in print is unreal, as is the photography and styling of this shoot. I love the blue hues which compliment my collection and the doll like poses displayed by the model. They are really inspiring and pure which have a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Heres a sneak peek of the tear sheets however go to to purchase the full magazine.



Photographer: Norbert Pietraszek:

Stylist: Georgina O:
Model: Freddie @ Alan Sharman Agency:
Hair/Mua: Zaneta Swiatlowska:

Pom Pom Perfection 

It’s Friday and that means one thing.. Trying to resist going for a ‘browse’ in your nearest town tomorrow. One thing will lead to another and before you know it you’ll come back with bags full of impulse buys.

Plan ahead and bag one of these perfect Pom Pom shorts instead. 

FYI pom poms are here to stay!


Look out for my new blog coming soon on how to shop savvy!

Summer weddings sorted

The dreaded dilemma of what to wear for a summer wedding.

For a start, there’s no guarentee that the wet stuff won’t begin to fall and ruin your short and sleeveless summer tea dress and make you feel utterly ridiculous when your stiletto’s begin to sink into the wet grass. Whats more, is it normal to go more casual or is the prom queen-style dress still the preferential choice. What do you do to combat every situation in order to have a perfect day?

1. Above all, stay classy: A wedding is made up of sitting, walking, eating, drinking and dancing, therefore the number one rule is to be comfortable but try to remain looking effortless all day and night.

2. Shoes: Stiletto’s are just a no no, unless you are wonder woman and can survive 10 hours with your feet stuffed into uncomfortable 6″ heels. Instead, go for a statement chunky sandal to compliment a simple dress or a strappy nude block heel to prevent overpowering your outfit. If you still can’t hack the heels don’t be ashamed to pull out your flats when the dancefloor is calling. However there are some perfect printed courts on the high street recently so it’s worth a look.

shoes copy

Top Row (left to right): Primark £12. Topshop £59. J.Crew £240. Asos £42.

Bottom Row (left to right): Asos £35. Office £60. Office £65. Asos £40.

3. Hair: a simple up-do will stay in place throughout the day and through a potential long journey to the reception venue. Plus, it will not be affected by any suprise gales that come your way. Whereas hair that is left down may begin to misbehave during the day without any notice leaving you in a sticky situation.

4. Dress: Here’s where it gets tough so I’ve picked out a few of my faves from the highstreet to make the decision a lot easier. Don’t forget to take a simple throw on jacket for the evenings.

5. Accessories: The saying ‘less is more’ is definitely true. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it.


Left to right: Warehouse £80. Whistles £120. Topshop £55. Topshop £98. Oasis £65. Primark £15.