Beauty review: St Tropez gradual tan in shower lotion

wpid-fullsizerender.jpgAfter never being a fan of streaky self tan and all the hype of this new product from the tanning Gods St Tropez, I had to try this must have summer product.

My first thought was that you may not be able to see exactly where the tan has been applied, as it develops gradually unlike most other tanning products. However, on application the slight lather that appears is an easy and simple guide to follow.

On my first week I applied the tan three times over seven days. Sticking to the instructions I left it on for three minutes and then washed off as you would any other shower gel. Warning: this will feel like forever when you are just standing in the shower trying not to move. I avoided the face area and instead only applied up to my neck so there was no tan build up or disaster patchiness.

The results: I didn’t feel as though the tan was as dramatic as advertised. I did see some results, a gradual glow began to appear which was even and without blotches or patches. My initial thoughts were that it would be perfect for a quick fix for a summer weekend. I initially wasn’t thrilled nor did I believe it was a staple summer item.

After a couple of weeks I decided to try again. By now it was in every magazine and on every celebrity, it surely must work.

This time I experimented with leaving the tan on for ten minutes. Yes a big risk which could have so easily gone wrong but I really wanted this to work. The day after I saw dramatic results with a deeper glow but no fake tan orangness in sight, it actually looked natural and there was no generic fake tan smell in sight. Day two I continued the ten minute tanning which depended the tan further and I didn’t feel as though there was any need to reapply for a third time. After a week now I’m still getting comments that I look browner and people didn’t instantly assume I’ve been dunked in fake tan.

The Verdict: Give it a chance and trust your instincts by leaving it on for a few minutes longer. I wouldn’t advise longer than ten minutes and cannot be hold responsible for any mishaps! Overall I’d say this is a really good product that is easy to apply, simple to use and worth every penny. The bottle is big enough for numerous uses without feeling like your washing away your hard earned cash. Oh and I got it on three for two at Boots so that’s even more the reason to try it!
What do you think?


Summer style


If you thought fruity fashion was so last year then think again. This year it’s back and it’s bigger than ever. From watermelons to lemons, high street to high end, sunglasses to skirts, printed fruit is everywhere you look so grab a must have whilst it’s hot. 

If your still not sure, there are plenty of low cost bargains to be found so grab a cheap and cheerful fashion find whilst they are still in stock.

Pom Pom Perfection 

It’s Friday and that means one thing.. Trying to resist going for a ‘browse’ in your nearest town tomorrow. One thing will lead to another and before you know it you’ll come back with bags full of impulse buys.

Plan ahead and bag one of these perfect Pom Pom shorts instead. 

FYI pom poms are here to stay!


Look out for my new blog coming soon on how to shop savvy!

Grunge ‘n’ Art feature

Finally it’s here!

Grunge ‘n’ Art magazine issue 3- Vision.

After a long and anticipated wait I have finally received my copy of the magazine which features my collection. It’s great to see my work in print and be featured with other new designers.  I love the feature and the images are great, many thanks to all that contributed behind the scenes.

Order it for yourselves at 


Happy Holidays

Yesterday the sun was shining and the temperature miraculously reached 20+ degrees. Today is a different story with the rain lashing against my window only dreaming of sunshine. 

But don’t let that get you down, the peak of summer is nearly here and that means one thing: HOLIDAYS!

So be prepared for your annual trip by packing smart and looking stylish. Below is everything you need from the tiresome travelling, becoming a beach beauty and everything in between. Don’t forget to leave room for holiday souvenirs. 

Five Top tips for sunshine success:

1. Pack light; the last thing you want is to be lugging around a huge suitcase to and from your hotel.

2. Comfort is key; a long flight calls out for a pair of formal joggers and a simple top which will be perfect on arrival to your hot destination.

3. Statement sunnies; however much you think makeup on the beach is essential, you are wrong. Applying makeup that only hours later will begin to melt or run after a dip in the pool is a no no, instead grab a pair of large sunnies which will hide any bare faces.

4. Take a tote; for the beach or expoloring, a tote is an easy staple piece that will carry everything from your beach towels to your tacky mementoes.

5. Tinted sun cream; last minute little cheat to keep you looking bronzed whilst your accidental sunburn subsides. 

What will you be packing this summer?

Glastonbury glamour

Everyones talking about it and it’s right around the corner. So you either fall into one of two categories:

1. Your so lucky and currently envied as your packing and getting ready for a week of festival antics.

2. You are currently sulking because you didn’t manage to get the sought after tickets.

If you are going, I suggest channelling the bohemian look. Effortless pieces will compliment your unwashed hair after day three and any item would be perfect thrown on with a pair of ankle wellies.

Here’s my bohemian inspiration board to resolve your last minute packing dilemmas. There’s plenty of tassels and fringing on the high street for a cheap and cheerful fix.IMG_3070

But don’t worry, if your answer was number 2, there’s always a silver lining. With what you could have spent on a Glastonbury ticket, here are a few fantastic finds you could buy instead! For this reason they are totally justifiable! Plus, they are all on sale (if you didn’t already know end of season sale has started so be prepared to get your elbows at the ready).

These perfect picks will soon demolish any Glastonbury blues.

Il let you into a little secret too; if you buy them all you’ll have 7p left over from your non existent festival ticket. Now there’s something to smile about.

Shoulder Bag: Zara £49.99


Playsuit: Topshop £25.00

Denim dress: Miss Selfridge £20.00

Heeled Sandal: Mango £69.99

Striped silk Dress: Uniqlo £29.95

Round Sunglasses: Whistles £30.00

What will you be wearing to Glastonbury?

Colourful culottes


It’s ever so nearly that time of year when there is guaranteed daily sunshine..I wish. But when your not sure what the weather is going to surprise you with, these colourful culottes will take you from day to night but also rain or shine. Teamed with sandals, loafers or heels and a plain white tee and you are sorted for any occasion. 

I’m lusting over topshop’s colourful tropical prints but on my ultimate wish list is Mango’s denim pair. These are unique and quirky and will leave you oozing classy and cool. I’m sure they will become more and more popular but for now, take that step and be your own fashion inspiration.

If your not brave enough to try the culotte, there’s always the summer palazzo pant or maxi skirt that will combat any wardrobe worries.

What’s your favourite pair on the high street?


Summer weddings sorted

The dreaded dilemma of what to wear for a summer wedding.

For a start, there’s no guarentee that the wet stuff won’t begin to fall and ruin your short and sleeveless summer tea dress and make you feel utterly ridiculous when your stiletto’s begin to sink into the wet grass. Whats more, is it normal to go more casual or is the prom queen-style dress still the preferential choice. What do you do to combat every situation in order to have a perfect day?

1. Above all, stay classy: A wedding is made up of sitting, walking, eating, drinking and dancing, therefore the number one rule is to be comfortable but try to remain looking effortless all day and night.

2. Shoes: Stiletto’s are just a no no, unless you are wonder woman and can survive 10 hours with your feet stuffed into uncomfortable 6″ heels. Instead, go for a statement chunky sandal to compliment a simple dress or a strappy nude block heel to prevent overpowering your outfit. If you still can’t hack the heels don’t be ashamed to pull out your flats when the dancefloor is calling. However there are some perfect printed courts on the high street recently so it’s worth a look.

shoes copy

Top Row (left to right): Primark £12. Topshop £59. J.Crew £240. Asos £42.

Bottom Row (left to right): Asos £35. Office £60. Office £65. Asos £40.

3. Hair: a simple up-do will stay in place throughout the day and through a potential long journey to the reception venue. Plus, it will not be affected by any suprise gales that come your way. Whereas hair that is left down may begin to misbehave during the day without any notice leaving you in a sticky situation.

4. Dress: Here’s where it gets tough so I’ve picked out a few of my faves from the highstreet to make the decision a lot easier. Don’t forget to take a simple throw on jacket for the evenings.

5. Accessories: The saying ‘less is more’ is definitely true. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it.


Left to right: Warehouse £80. Whistles £120. Topshop £55. Topshop £98. Oasis £65. Primark £15.