River Island Design Forum X Sibling

It’s finally here, another high street and designer collaboration for you to feast your eyes on! 

It’s usually the likes of H&M that are the culprits that showcase designers joining high street stores, but this time River Island surprise at this low priced collection with top designer brand Sibling. Priced between £15-£55 you can get your hands on a little piece of luxury. Past collaborators with River Island Design Forum include Zoe Jordan, Christopher Shannon, Katie Eary and Eudon Choi. Sibling’s 2016 spring collection collaboration focuses on Girly gingham and luxe knitwear to create simple shapes that ooze Sibling’s statement style.   

 Shop online now or check out in store tomorrow, below are my fave picks of the bunch! First is the cute take on the denim jacket.. It’s pink and gingham! What more could you want? Priced at £55. Perfect for spring and will surely brighten up any wardrobe. And don’t forget accessories with this sweet fluoro pink transparent clutch with additions Pom poms, for only £18!   

 See the promo video here:  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KnoVoCJuMFo

GFW Best in show 

Another year over, another amazing set of shows. 
After seeing some collections for myself and the remainder are courtesy of vogue online, I have narrowed down the hundreds of collections to my final four favourites. These all have the wow factor in their own little way, whether it be down to the detail, impact, fabrics or prints, I have summed up GFW in one bite size chunk. 

1/2. Best prints; I love the girly pastels matched with oversized and complimenting shapes. The prints are incredible, they are vibrant, bold and work really well with the silhouettes. Slightly sporty but keeping the elegance, this award for me, gets best prints of the show!

3/4. Best casual chic; the latex really completes this collection. The subtleness of the prints layered over detailed garments allows this collection to be classically beautiful. The paint brush strokes adds a more casual feel but only adds to the interest and depth of design. Silver sparks also adds a quirky edge and makes the collection appear almost futuristic.

5/6. Best sports luxe; again prints compliment the layered and contrasting fabrics used. I love the simplicity of the shapes, the colours and fabrics work beautifully together, the knitwear is stunning . The glasses only add to the impact! Sometimes accessories are essential to finish off the look.

7/8. Best wow factor; who are you wearing? A classic phrase by all! This extreme collection brings art and an abstract nature to the forefront of the catwalk. By literally putting faces on garments it is not only clever but also makes an impact and has a lasting impression. In my opinion, this was the most ingenious collection of the whole event!

See the images below for my best in show.


Who are your fashion faves?

Graduate fashion week, Day one

Graduate fashion week 2015. The newest generation of young design graduates are given an amazing opportunity for their garments to take centre stage. 

Saturday 30th May.

I travelled to London hoping to see new and exciting ideas on the catwalk. It was a beautiful sunny day and the Truman Brewery venue was a hub of fashion fans. Inside the event were tonnes of university stands, showing portfolios, garments and showcasing student’s work. Along with this, there was a live photography studio, 3D printing room and talks with designers and bloggers throughout the day to give advice and inspiration to the audience. To top this all off, upstairs, and a new addition this year, was the bar. A chance for gatherings to take place and prosecco to be drank, a cool and quirky spot for all. 

 I managed to go and see the Rochester and Birmingham City university shows. 

On the whole, I found many garments unique and interesting from both shows. Prints were a vibrant feature with some beautifully illustrated designs, teamed with heavy bass music it proved an exciting show. However many were very wearable and simple; In my eyes a catwalk is for over the top, exaggerated fashion that could be filtered down to the high street and to gain inspiration for trends. So I will admit that I was a little underwhelmed with some collections. I love to see inspiring pieces that are unique, eye catching and push the boundaries but I believe this year collections have been dramatically toned down.

Below are some of my favourites from the shows I managed to go to. 

1. Love the print scales and layering of this collection. It’s a classic girly dream with glitter and sequins on pretty silhouettes.   

  2. I really like the colour palette of this collection and particularly the masculine and oversized garments. The placement prints also added interest to the garments and gave them depth.   3. Inspiration of maybe America or Las Vegas, this collection seemed literal but had lots of impact. The models were turned into human signs with colourful slogans and wording. It was unique and humorous.   4. One of my favourite garments so far, the interesting mixture of textures saw a simple silhouette but amazing skill. I love the colours and matching shoes!  5. Embroidered mustard leather featured intricate work and skill. Again, a simple silhouette which left all the attention on the detail.   6. I really love this piece, a fine line between wearable and wonderful but the exaggerated pleating works really well. The floral print also compliments the fluid design.

 7. Stripes and spots? No, stripes and flowers! Love this collection. The prints were beautifully placed and the vibrant colours left this being my Number one lasting impression collection. 


Stay tuned for my round up of the best of the best over the complete four days of the shows. 

Who do you think should get an Award this year?


More incredible images from my collaboration with Photographer Laura Doyle and Stylist Lauren Segal.

Hello 2015


Looking back on 2014 and what I have achieved, I am extremely proud of the success of my collection. After endless days of working on my collection along with the other stresses as a third year fashion design student, I could not have imagined that I would be where I am now.

Firstly, I graduated! That in itself was an achievement and something that seemed harder than once thought.

Secondly, I was selected to show at Graduate Fashion Week. This was one of the highlights of my year. It was all surreal and I still can’t believe I was part of something so incredible. After the Gfw hype settled down, I didn’t expect to be approached by so many people to collaborate with and be featured in articles. I am very thankful to everyone who has wanted to work with me and for everything I have been involved in. This is continuing into the new year and I have a few projects lined up in the next couple of months. I do love seeing how people interpret my work and hearing their thoughts on my collection.

Every photoshoot and catwalk has been a great networking experience and I feel privileged to be acknowledged for my work and achievements. Along with this, seeing my name in a variety of magazines makes everything feel very real.

Since graduating I was able to secure a job as a Product Developer for a Denim Manufacturer. My wishes had come true. In a world of unemployed graduates, I couldn’t believe my luck. The job enabled me to brush up on my design skills along with gaining knowledge as a developer and experiencing the real world of fashion. I really was thrown in at the deep end designing, creating illustrator specification packs, fabric and trim sourcing, having team meetings with staff and clients, contacting mills and factories, being part of garment sampling processes and much more. It was an amazing experience that I am very grateful for. It was all go and very challenging but I loved every minute of it and I have met some lovely people along the way.

The New Year has led me to a new job and away from design. Something that I am still very passionate about but something that is extremely niche. I really want to expand my knowledge further in the fashion industry and think this is the perfect step I need to start progressing.

Next week I start my new job as a Trainee Merchandiser for a very successful and ever growing company. Again, I can’t believe my luck to land yet another job straight out of university. I am eager to persue this new challenge and very excited to start. New year, new job. Roll on 2015…

Oxford Fashion Week Images

Finally I can share the images from Oxford Fashion Week. Various Photographers took to the floor and shot different angles of the event. I really love the balcony shot’s where you can see the entire scenery and the intricate skeletons. Reliving the experience all over again and remembering how proud I felt as my garments took to the catwalk. It was a great experience and I would love to do it all over again!


1 1908447_857745797591574_3666695832698720187_n 2 1455093_857747060924781_1344430791909765812_n 10675800_857747077591446_2061530287052464435_n 10383009_857747070924780_7802006977295702095_n 10676170_857758487590305_7296728655312916448_n 1240030_857758547590299_3658487165870461565_n

Behind the Scenes of OFW

10802060_857749397591214_5914705094479029931_n 10438302_857749654257855_1354832860382411777_n 10424314_857749344257886_4953687510858066099_n 10152388_857758140923673_5343687277224094624_n

DSC_0740I always love behind the scenes shots. They show all the hard work and effort that goes into preparing a catwalk show and the hours of changing and styling involved. Thank you again to everyone at Oxford Fashion Week for all the support you have given me! It was a wonderful experience.


Images from Oxford Fashion Week Facebook page.