River Island Design Forum X Sibling

It’s finally here, another high street and designer collaboration for you to feast your eyes on! 

It’s usually the likes of H&M that are the culprits that showcase designers joining high street stores, but this time River Island surprise at this low priced collection with top designer brand Sibling. Priced between £15-£55 you can get your hands on a little piece of luxury. Past collaborators with River Island Design Forum include Zoe Jordan, Christopher Shannon, Katie Eary and Eudon Choi. Sibling’s 2016 spring collection collaboration focuses on Girly gingham and luxe knitwear to create simple shapes that ooze Sibling’s statement style.   

 Shop online now or check out in store tomorrow, below are my fave picks of the bunch! First is the cute take on the denim jacket.. It’s pink and gingham! What more could you want? Priced at £55. Perfect for spring and will surely brighten up any wardrobe. And don’t forget accessories with this sweet fluoro pink transparent clutch with additions Pom poms, for only £18!   

 See the promo video here:  http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=KnoVoCJuMFo


Grunge ‘n’ Art feature

Finally it’s here!

Grunge ‘n’ Art magazine issue 3- Vision.

After a long and anticipated wait I have finally received my copy of the magazine which features my collection. It’s great to see my work in print and be featured with other new designers.  I love the feature and the images are great, many thanks to all that contributed behind the scenes.

Order it for yourselves at http://www.grungeandart.com 


Balmain X H&M

Due to launch in stores and online worldwide on 5th November 2015, the collaborative collection is already eagerly awaited.

The excitment arises due to Balmain being infamous for high end couture designs that are directed towards a specific customer audience. When bringing this to the mass market, everything changes. This allows everyone to have instant access to a luxury branded garment, at a H&M price point (well, there abouts). As with H&M’s previous collaborations with the likes of Karl Largerfield and Alexander Wang, these pieces of affordable luxury have continually been a huge success.

The one risk of a collaboration like this is the possibility that Balmain as a brand would lose its exclusivity and couture detailing when attempting to apply this to high street concepts. On the other hand you could also say it may attract new fans and followers to the already well established ‘Balmain Army’. Rousteing has already made a huge impact on Instagram and has a huge fan base, clevery communicating to the social media audience. He believes this is a unique opportunity to introduce not only his fans, but a wider audience to the world of Balmain.

With Women’s and Men’s collections due to be releasesd, there will no doubt be queues outside shops and a scramble to the pieces when they finally arrive in stores. Until then, the speculation of what’s to come will be the question everyone is asking.

Into the Unknown…

It has been an extremely busy month with lots of collaborations!
My latest with photographer Vicky Chambers was set in an abandoned swimming pool venue.
This shoot combined reality with a sense of disillusion with an eerie nature. I love the unusually unique perspective shown and believe it created an extremely exceptional shoot.

Model: Phoebe Reuben.







London Photoshoot

I was asked to be part of a collaborative photoshoot in Camden Lock, London.

It was really great to be asked after being spotted at graduate fashion week and it was a lovely, fast paced day.

Sleek styling and a subtle setting was used to create a laid back but almost clashing outcome.

My garments were combined with high street pieces to give them a different aesthetic. It was interesting to see the stylist combine different textures with my pieces, making them look more wearable and high-street esque.

Stylist – Yanina Nikitina

Photographer – Rhian Cox

The manipulation of oneself

Just a few snaps from my final major project – the manipulation of oneself.

It was such a great moment to see my garments in action and the final photos are incredible. (If I do say so myself)

Photographer – Abi Whitehouse

make up artist – Georgina Thomas

Model – Katie Wilson

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