Elegant Magazine editorial

We made the cover!

Elegant Magazine invites new designers and collaborations to show and express their work. Yet again seeing my collection in print is unreal, as is the photography and styling of this shoot. I love the blue hues which compliment my collection and the doll like poses displayed by the model. They are really inspiring and pure which have a sense of calm and peacefulness.

Heres a sneak peek of the tear sheets however go to http://www.elegantmag.com to purchase the full magazine.



Photographer: Norbert Pietraszek: http://norbertpietraszek.prosite.com/

Stylist: Georgina O:https://fashionstylistgeorgina.carbonmade.com/
Model: Freddie @ Alan Sharman Agency: http://www.alansharmanagency.com/view.php?id=2380
Hair/Mua: Zaneta Swiatlowska: https://www.facebook.com/zanett.


Pom Pom Perfection 

It’s Friday and that means one thing.. Trying to resist going for a ‘browse’ in your nearest town tomorrow. One thing will lead to another and before you know it you’ll come back with bags full of impulse buys.

Plan ahead and bag one of these perfect Pom Pom shorts instead. 

FYI pom poms are here to stay!


Look out for my new blog coming soon on how to shop savvy!

Into the Unknown…

It has been an extremely busy month with lots of collaborations!
My latest with photographer Vicky Chambers was set in an abandoned swimming pool venue.
This shoot combined reality with a sense of disillusion with an eerie nature. I love the unusually unique perspective shown and believe it created an extremely exceptional shoot.

Model: Phoebe Reuben.








I always love to collaborate with photographers and stylists to see how they interpret my designs. But this one was much more unique than I expected. I absolutely love the way the stylist combined my garments in a way I didn’t even think was possible. The images speak for themselves and I am so proud to show them, possibly my favourite sparkliest shoot yet.




Photographer: Laura Doyle
Stylist: Loren Segal
Model: Amelia Lea

The final hurdle before graduation

Third year as a Fashion Design student is tough so here’s a few tips to help you through.

By now you would have all your sketchbook work and toiles done, ideally. There’s always one or two who think they are going to turn into wonder woman or superman a week before deadline day and miraculously get it all done. This is not the case, by now surely you’ve realised that a fashion degree cannot be rushed, you are marked on work and effort, something that takes weeks and months to perfect. When a tutor says ‘You need to do 50 designs by next week” it’s because there’s another 50 to do the week after.image

The hardest thing about any degree is trying to juggle a desperate need to go out and a realistic need to finish the course. It’s hard to say no but once in a while, it’s definitely worth it. Maybe I didn’t go out three times a week or even once a week but I realised that prioritising my time throughout and going into university everyday and staying until the machines were turned off, actually gave me time to do what I wanted to do. At the end of it, I was proud of what I had achieved and I never once thought ‘maybe if I didn’t go on a night out every week I could have done better’.

So it’s January:
Dissertation should be nearly done. Or time for last minute questionnaires and countless thoughts of not having written an essay in years. That’s all it is, an essay, a long essay split into little chunks. After all you’re doing a fashion degree. Your dissertation is related to your course so you should be able to talk about the subject for hours. Make sure everything is referenced thoroughly with legitimate sources. Wikipedia is not good enough and make sure you have interviewed at least one person, I found this helped a lot to get an opinion from someone else that’s not just a yes or no answer on a questionnaire.

Your dissertation is not something to be scared of, as long as it reads well and comes across that you know your stuff and you have stuck to the rules, it will be absolutely fine. An hour an evening is all it needs to be successful. Don’t forget to get it bound, don’t leave it until the last day, and when you hand it in say ‘Hallelujah’.image

Last year there were 19 people selected for Graduate Fashion Week out of a possible 40-45. This year I understand there are pushing 70 students in third year Fashion Design from the same course. This is where it gets tough. Last year we had to present our three finished designs and three remaining toiles in front of a panel. The pressure of what this meant to each student was unbearable and it was an extremely strange day.

However behind the scenes, it didn’t seem like we were against each other at all. Everyone worked as a team to make sure quick changes were done and outfits were fitted properly. Even a few of us were roped in to be models right up until we were told it was our turn, there was no time to prepare and it had come so quickly. It was beyond our control and we just had to wait until the dreaded letters were given out.image

I was very lucky to be one of the few who were selected, a day of tears for all. Harsh really, when friends suddenly seemed split by something out of our hands. I do thank the few people who weren’t successful but helped out nonetheless everyday until the show. So whether your in or your out, it doesn’t really matter as long as you put your all into which path you are given and be proud of what you have achieved.

In March we all came together again to construct the University Lookbook. Something which I believe is a must. It gave me the opportunity to see my garments on styled models, in a professional studio. This is great for your portfolio and is the foundation for your self promotion after university. Ideally you should also do your own photoshoot, whether it be in the same studio or on location. It gives you the chance to collaborate with photographers, stylists, make up artists etc and have a chance to display your garments in the way you want. Collaboration means contacts, an opportunity to expand your networks and get to know people in the industry. Do not under estimate the importance of contacts.IMG_1598

If you are selected for Graduate Fashion Week, the catwalk platform is your biggest opportunity to get your name out there. If you are not selected, be on the stand everyday, push your portfolio and make sure you speak to everyone at the event. Contact magazines and bloggers to be featured, contact photographers and stylists to collaborate and contact designers and companies for potential job opportunities. It is never to early to ask and if you don’t ask, nothing will happen. You are one of thousands of graduates all wanting the same thing, be prompt, be keen and get noticed.

Social media is your new best friend. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram can enable you to gain more contacts and allow you to network with the right kind of people. Collect a list of emails and work your way through them, you never know what may happen.

Oh another thing, contacts are useful in the form of sponsorship towards your collection. This should ideally be done at the start of the year, explaining to companies what you intend to do with their product or fabric and seeing if they can help in any way. Or to gain sponsorship for shoes for the catlwalk, being asked to buy six pairs of shoes that you yourself will never wear is heartbreaking, so try and do a deal or gain sponsorship for these especially. Most will say no or will be unable to help but there may be a breakthrough. Mine came in the form of Ykk and Fashionwear who both helped and guided me with my collection. Another reason why this was successful for me was because it led me to my first Job. You really never know what’s round the corner.image

Anyway, contacts… Through one blog feature it may lead to another so however big or small, take time out to answer questions truthfully and be thankful for someone taking time out of their day to write about you.

So good luck with your successes, whether they are big or small, national or worldwide. Put your all into it and never give up, everything you have achieved so far will not continue on its own and it definitely won’t happen overnight. Hard work will have to continue but as long as you believe in your work, success is achievable.

Oxford Fashion Week Images

Finally I can share the images from Oxford Fashion Week. Various Photographers took to the floor and shot different angles of the event. I really love the balcony shot’s where you can see the entire scenery and the intricate skeletons. Reliving the experience all over again and remembering how proud I felt as my garments took to the catwalk. It was a great experience and I would love to do it all over again!


1 1908447_857745797591574_3666695832698720187_n 2 1455093_857747060924781_1344430791909765812_n 10675800_857747077591446_2061530287052464435_n 10383009_857747070924780_7802006977295702095_n 10676170_857758487590305_7296728655312916448_n 1240030_857758547590299_3658487165870461565_n

Behind the Scenes of OFW

10802060_857749397591214_5914705094479029931_n 10438302_857749654257855_1354832860382411777_n 10424314_857749344257886_4953687510858066099_n 10152388_857758140923673_5343687277224094624_n

DSC_0740I always love behind the scenes shots. They show all the hard work and effort that goes into preparing a catwalk show and the hours of changing and styling involved. Thank you again to everyone at Oxford Fashion Week for all the support you have given me! It was a wonderful experience.


Images from Oxford Fashion Week Facebook page.

Catwalk details

Look 1 – Printed fringed jacket with rounded seamed raglan shoulders and jetted pockets.

White denim zip jumpsuit with sleeveless top and functioning zips.

 Look 2 – Jade suede jacket with curved zip detail and centre front zip opening.

Organdie sheer shirt with 3/4 length sleeves and dip hem front.

Full length fringed skirt in gradient ombre and suede waistband and centre back vent.

Silver triangle oversized bag with looped handle and zip closure.

 Look 3 – Curved cape in tan and turquoise

suede with concealed zip armholes. Biker style cross over front opening.

Organdie sheer sleeveless top with dipped front hem.

White denim trousers with curved zip seam detail and visible pockets.

Look 4 – Oversized two tone denim dress with workable zips to front and back panels. Printed cotton fringed shirt with concealed zip fastening and sleeve plackets.

Jersey cycling printed shorts.

Indigo denim oversized triangle bag with zip closure.

 Look 5 – Denim jacket with ribbed collar, cuffs and hem, combining three colours. Dropped shoulder with zip openings and biker style cross over closure.

Suede sleeveless dress with exposed back metal zip and fringed ombre bottom.

Multiple zipped white denim bag.


 Look 6 – Printed fringed trench coat with zip gunflap detail and matching belt.

Printed fringed trousers with exposed pocket feature.

Printed fringed bag with fringed pom poms.

All images from http://www.vogue.co.uk