Be Exposed take two

Another snap of my garments from Be Exposed! Love finding new images.

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Colourful culottes


It’s ever so nearly that time of year when there is guaranteed daily sunshine..I wish. But when your not sure what the weather is going to surprise you with, these colourful culottes will take you from day to night but also rain or shine. Teamed with sandals, loafers or heels and a plain white tee and you are sorted for any occasion. 

I’m lusting over topshop’s colourful tropical prints but on my ultimate wish list is Mango’s denim pair. These are unique and quirky and will leave you oozing classy and cool. I’m sure they will become more and more popular but for now, take that step and be your own fashion inspiration.

If your not brave enough to try the culotte, there’s always the summer palazzo pant or maxi skirt that will combat any wardrobe worries.

What’s your favourite pair on the high street?


GFW Best in show 

Another year over, another amazing set of shows. 
After seeing some collections for myself and the remainder are courtesy of vogue online, I have narrowed down the hundreds of collections to my final four favourites. These all have the wow factor in their own little way, whether it be down to the detail, impact, fabrics or prints, I have summed up GFW in one bite size chunk. 

1/2. Best prints; I love the girly pastels matched with oversized and complimenting shapes. The prints are incredible, they are vibrant, bold and work really well with the silhouettes. Slightly sporty but keeping the elegance, this award for me, gets best prints of the show!

3/4. Best casual chic; the latex really completes this collection. The subtleness of the prints layered over detailed garments allows this collection to be classically beautiful. The paint brush strokes adds a more casual feel but only adds to the interest and depth of design. Silver sparks also adds a quirky edge and makes the collection appear almost futuristic.

5/6. Best sports luxe; again prints compliment the layered and contrasting fabrics used. I love the simplicity of the shapes, the colours and fabrics work beautifully together, the knitwear is stunning . The glasses only add to the impact! Sometimes accessories are essential to finish off the look.

7/8. Best wow factor; who are you wearing? A classic phrase by all! This extreme collection brings art and an abstract nature to the forefront of the catwalk. By literally putting faces on garments it is not only clever but also makes an impact and has a lasting impression. In my opinion, this was the most ingenious collection of the whole event!

See the images below for my best in show.


Who are your fashion faves?


After a long and exciting wait I can finally reveal my latest collaboration with Stylist Liv Davis is featured in Homework Magazine, Melbourne, Australlia. It sees photographer Adam Jones’ incredible talent of manipulating imagery and creating it into something more beautiful. 

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Photographer: Adam Jones

Graphics: Max Richardson

Styling: Liv Davies

Makeup: Jocelyn Miller

Model: Amelia @ J’adore


More incredible images from my collaboration with Photographer Laura Doyle and Stylist Lauren Segal.


I always love to collaborate with photographers and stylists to see how they interpret my designs. But this one was much more unique than I expected. I absolutely love the way the stylist combined my garments in a way I didn’t even think was possible. The images speak for themselves and I am so proud to show them, possibly my favourite sparkliest shoot yet.




Photographer: Laura Doyle
Stylist: Loren Segal
Model: Amelia Lea